Sunday, October 17, 2010

My weekend
(got this link in an email today...will need to copy & paste all of above to follow link)

Have this weekend off and seeing as I am home, there were a couple cleaning projects that I wanted to get done but I am extra tired and have slept most of my weekend away. I have no energy for anything except sleep.
I should be doing laundry also...or at least my work uniform for work tomorrow. But haven't done it yet. I have set an alarm clock for early in the morning so I will hopefully have energy to do laundry in the morning before I go to work. Now thats different because I have gone without an alarm for a couple years.

I have had people tell me that I need to buy energy drinks...but I think they taste disgusting. I drink loads of coffee everyday but it don't keep me awake or give me energy. I have had so much coffee that I ended up with heartburn this morning.

Can I blame my tiredness on our chilly,cloudy weather? Can I blame it on the fact I ain't had nothing to eat today? Maybe I'll blame it on the rash (or massive amount of bug bites on my arm) and just to uncomfortable to do anything...or better yet I should just fess-up and blame it on the fact that I am just to overwhelmed with the mess in my room and get tired as a way to avoid organizing anything & dealing with it all.

It's only taken me over 6 hours to even type this up..(.kept this computer window open all day.)
I slept about 3 hours last night but mostly I was laying down with the laptop...guess it takes a certain laziness and/or talent to use a laptop while laying down all day.

There was a sign at Backcountry office on Friday saying that we would be getting some heavy rain tonight. and weatherbug says we will have a few days of rain. So far the sky is getting filled with dark clouds. My kids got a bit of snow in VT and NH yesterday. I ain't ready for snow yet.

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