Saturday, October 23, 2010

Officially winter season

My young co-worker, Robert, took this picture on October 20th from his house. We had gotten some freak hailstorm that afternoon. The next day while at work we got some snow flurries but they didn't last very long. Then also on the 21st, while I was at work I noticed a big bright rainbow above the general store....and just my luck I didn't bring my camera to work. Brenda picked me up to take me to our "Photography Club" meeting and I noticed that it was dark earlier (while I was outside waiting) then I expected it to be...geez, I walked up to the meeting 2 weeks before and it wasn't dark.
Anyways, it has been damn cold this last week. Usually in the Summer I only sleep with 1 blanket, I'm now covered up with 3 and wearing a sweater while I type this. About an hour ago I also decided to turn the heat on in my room.
It has been noted on facebook, that another employee saw that the posts were put out along the sides of the roads too, so the road crew is also getting ready for snow least they ain't out dumping the cinder rocks around yet.

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