Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random pics I got before & after marathon

I liked this strange looking tree stump. Found it on the way back home bewteen mile 20 & mile 19

Was trying to get different angles of the burnt tree

Found this tarantula in the road. Been here 3 & 1/2 yrs and today was the first day I have seen them...and today I saw 3 of them.

just a view where the tracks cross the road

I liked the pregnant tree on the side of the road.

This spot is where the well used to be on "Rowe Well RD"
Yrs ago there was a bowling alley here, but NPS didn't like it.
People used to have cook-outs in the framed structure in pic but NPS didn't like that either

I was sitting at mile 18, listening to all the birds chirping. Was surprised that there were soooo many. I saw about 5 FAT wild turkeys across the tracks but I didn't have my zoom lens with me.

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