Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Blustery Day

Well I got the end of a rainbow here...missed the other rainbow today.

The wind was ready to blow me over the edge here

The shadows were really cool in the canyon today, and if you waited a few minutes they would change.

Getting blue sky near the end of Hermit's Rest. And soo glad that the snack bar there has hot chocolate.
Now why is it that I take the shuttles down Hermit's Rest Road more often during bad weather? Well the buses will stop going down to Hermit's Rest on Dec 1st, so I don't get to see all these views usually until the buses start running again on March 1st. Well the wind was terrible today, even rocked the bus a little & I am sure we will still have bad weather the first week of March, when I come down this road again.
It started snowing this evening about 4-4:30pm . I just hope the wind stops blowing when I go out to get more pics in the morning.


abitosunshine said...

Spectacular photos! I would love to see the Grand Canyon.

Cindy said...

I popped by your blog, and enjoyed your Grand Canyon photos ... they are on my 'yet to see' list, maybe one day...!