Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reasons for Alaska

(sorta stole this from Richard...then tweeked it a bit to suit myself)

First off, I was going to title this blog "Why I want to Work in Alaska" however the more I thought about it I realized the working part is just a means to an end .... and the end is just getting to Alaska and spending 4 months there exploring, meeting new friends, eating incredible seafood, and , yes, working. So here are my "ten" reasons for wanting to visit our northernmost state ...Figured I have had enough people ask me why I want to live in AK, that I had better get it all written out.

1) The incredible scenery

2) The independent and resourceful people

3) Oversized fish & shrimp .... heck, just about everything is oversized in Alaska!

4) The Cold ..... yes the Cold. After last Summer here at GCSR, I will be glad to do without AZ Summer.

5) Mt McKinley & Kenai Peninsula

6) Photo ops ... I plan on taking LOTS of pictures to remember a very special summer.

7) Wildlife (and I am NOT talking about parties in the dorms). Whales, Seals, Bears, Moose, Eagles, Puffin, and the list goes on and on.

8) Never lost. Heck, there aren't enough roads in Alaska to get lost . Wonder if they have rush hour traffic. :-)

9) Coolwork forums and blogging .... I plan to do a LOT of writing about my adventure as it unfolds!

10) Fun in the Midnight sun-don't have to worry about being afraid of the dark. :-)

As of today I am still waiting to hear from jobs...really hoping for either the railroad job or something in Seward (maybe Windsong Lodge). Hell I would even take the year-round job in Juneau...that would be cool to say I withstood an Alaskan winter. Hey if u can handle a winter in Alaska then u can handle ANYTHING!

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abitosunshine said...

Sounds like good enough reasons to me!

Just a suggestion...add the google friend connect to your blog so it's easier for readers to follow your blog..:-)Let me know if you do, so I can follow you!