Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010~looking back

Oh what a year!

(Jan,Feb, & Mar)This year started out with tons of snow. I was beginning to think last winter would never end. Went to 1 show of Native dancers at the Hopi House. Amy Tacey got a food co-op started here in Jan.

(April & May)~Started warming up even though we still had a few days of snow. Earth Day events were held inside because of snow. Bought a zoom lens for my camera.

(June)~took a trip to NH to see Kevin graduate. AZ got to darn hot.

(July)~Scott's wife died on the 4th, took trip to Jerome for Brenda's birthday & Xanterra had its olympics. Started going to a camera club this month or end of June.

(Aug)~Amy Tacey died after 3 yrs of first official funeral (for yrs, I said I would never go to a funeral...never say never) & I got glasses & paid up my internet until next Feb.

(Sept)~Finally got driver's license re-instated, just in time for trip to D.C. to see Allan's retirement ceremony....need to go back sometime in the springtime

(Oct)~Hail on the 20th. ordered a bunch of food from amazon to get ready for Winter season

(Nov)~volunteered to work the marathon & took time off work between Halloween-Thanksgiving...needed to declutter while making plans on getting job in AK next Spring.

(Dec)~still decluttering & started working as a busser at Maswik until Yavapai re-opens.
Amanda stabbed Mike with scissors & they both lost the kids to foster care.

Well I guess you could say this year has had some twists & turns, and I never really ended up doing anything that I said I wanted to complete a year ago. Oh well there is always next year.
And seeing as I plan on moving up to AK; you can bet that 2011 will be different.

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