Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breakfast @ Bright Angel Restaurant

I dont go over to BA often for breakfast but today I was craving a "Garden Skillet". I mean where else am I going to get yummy portabello mushrooms & broccoli with 3 eggs made to order. It's my favorite breakfast there...or at least from the ones I have tried. If it didn't cost so much more then E-Cafe, I would eat at BA more often.

Now I just got to figure out the point s value for this meal before I go to my Weight Watchers meeting later this evening.

Right at this moment it's 44 degrees outside and according to weatherbug it should get up to the low 50's today. With the sun shining outside, it feels like a Spring day. At least here anyways...my family back East have been getting snow and below 0 temps.

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