Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Staying

Couple months ago I started applying to a bunch of different jobs in Alaska. Recently I wrote my brother and told him that I would be staying here @ GCSR.

Oh every now & then I will still daydream about Alaska but if I want to see it bad enough I will just have to save money and use my 2 weeks of vacation time to go up there for a visit.

At least by just visiting, I won't have to get rid of lots of stuff in order to pack and move. And after a visit I would still be able to come home to GCSR to my own "single-status" room.
Moving to Alaska or anywhere else would mean I get stuck with a roommate.

And yes, GCSR still feels like home.
Oh & by the way, the picture in this blog was taken at the award banquet this month. I went with a neighbor as her guest. My neighbor has been working here for 25 years. My 5th-yr anniversary will be up in March 2012 but my own awards banquet will be in 2 years. Wonder what little speech they will say about me then.

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