Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just scored a 2-night camping trip

Every year we get a day off with pay for our birthday, and we got 30 days to use it. Well my birthday isn't until March 16th and I was thinking I would try and see if there was an open spot at the campground at Indian Gardens around the first week of April.

Today after work, I went to the backcountry office to check out available dates and was told that space was available for the 13th & 14th of I took both nights. Yee-Haw, I can hardly wait.

Now whenever I hike that knees are just starting to kill me, and it seems like forever to get back up out of the canyon afterwards (but so worth it). Anyways, this time I am really going to try to prepare for this hike.
For anyone who has never done this's only 4.6 miles of a winding steep trail. The longest 4.6 miles that I have ever hiked back up.

Anyways in other news...had a short day at work. 1 fun thing about working in a cafeteria is that it gets interesting to watch what different people order for lunch.

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