Saturday, April 4, 2009

work~and no power

For some silly reason I clocked into work 1/2 hour early...need to open eyes and look at time clock better. LOL

Sooo, labout 9:15-9:20am the power went out around the whole park. A raven flew into the main transformer and knocked power out for about 4 1/2 hours.
Not much food to serve people without power. We extended breakfast and towards the end we started letting people have 1 breakfast free. For lunch we had soup, hotdogs, started out with chili but when that was gone we got the spaghetti going out front. Grandpa Al made a few pitchers of "cowboy coffee" and boy was it ever strong!

Power came back on just as 2nd shift was coming in...I left at 2pm. It started to spit snow soon after I got home and the wind knocked power out again for About a minute.
Had a wicked toothache all day and went to bed about 5pm I woke up with the side of my face all swollen.

Last week or early this week (I forget at moment) I got a food handlers card from ALASKA! Took some simple test online~got 100%. The card is good for 3 years, so anytime between now & 3 yrs I can go up to Alaska to work if I want. hmmmm, Glacier bay, Denali Park, Coldfoot Camp????
Aah, my face/teeth hurt to much to think of all that now...and just my luck I have to go into work at 5:30am today. Which means I need to jump in shower now and catch a bus by around 4:45-5am

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