Sunday, January 24, 2010

day off

The weather is giving us a break today. Today is a nice sunny day outside and I have the day off.
Got these pics from other people as I have not gone outside yet. I thought they were great pics and wanted to save them.
Jason got this picture of the mule deer.

Hopi House~actually I rarely get pictures of this building, but I liked it with the snow.

Course I had to snag this pic of Look-Out Studio...its probably in alot of pics that I have taken myself too. I always love its location on the rim.

ok, I need to get ready to go up to the store to re-stock a few groceries. I haven't been up to the store in about 2 weeks (actually the last time I went grocery shopping was with Brenda in Flagstaff) and I want to make sure I have stuff to throw into the crockpot later this week when we are supposed to get more snow.
A lady down the hall (Janice) had trouble getting her car out of the parking lot today..I see other cars are still buried in snow. Hopefully Marketplaza & the trail from the Shrine is plowed...hey, I guess walking thru snow might be considered a workout.

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