Wednesday, January 20, 2010

snowy days

Took these pics this morning at Maswik Cafe. Supposedly we have a blizzard coming in tonight. Read online that Highway 180 was closed, which means business will be slow again tomorrow. We have been averaging about 80 rooms sold each night in the entire park this week...which is LOW
It was just very light flurries out as I walked home tonight from work...not really icy out (yet), but some people say we will get 4 feet of snow during the night. Seeing as I live close enough to work that I can walk, I don't mind the snow~actually its quite pretty and sorta fun but it sure makes for a long boring night at work.
Tonight I brought a paperback book into work and probably read almost 1/2 of it. The cashier had a book and 1 other lineserver also brought a book into work. We started joking about starting a Maswik book club.
About the only excitment at work was in the new "pizza pub" when 1 of the bartenders got fired tonight. Yup, they changed Maswik Bar into a pizza pub and now only sell beer, wine & pizza. People are upset cuz they took out the pool tables & air-hockey game too. It sure is alot quieter in there now.
Sunday should be a sunny day...first day without snowing this week and I am scheduled to have Sunday & Tuesday off for this week.
Today was also my daughter's 21st birthday, so if Amanda is reading this
I hope you had a great day!!

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