Thursday, January 21, 2010

More snow

Willie is outside clearing snow around Taco's place and all the other apts nearby. At least now maybe Taco's grandmother won't be out in this weather shoveling like she usually does.
These 2 pics were taken from the top of the staircase near my room. Was trying different light-settings on my camera to see which way would look better. Bottom pic is the backside of Ben's apt.

Our latest road-weather update: copied & pasted from facebook.

Grand Canyon Jobs Winter Weather Advisory for Grand Canyon Area: I-17 is closed and no estimate on it opening. SR89A from Flagstaff to Sedona is closed and no estimate on when it will reopen. SR 87 from Winslow down to Pine is closed and no estimate on when it will reopen. I-40 is still open. No major accidents have been reported.
ok, I woke up with a headache today and figured seeing as there are 3 other lineservers on tonights schedule, Maswik really didn't need me to come in today so I called off work.
So at the moment I'm sipping tea and watching the snow fall out my window.
Brenda went home at lunchtime & she also gets tomorrow off, so she is having a "snow-day" from work too.

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