Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Biggest Loser~Grand Canyon style

I have 1 week to pig-out on my favorite foods, just hope Yavapai gets the espresso chip ice cream back this week, because starting June 1st I am signed up for "The Biggest Loser~Grand Canyon style".

We have to make a team of 3 people. My newest manager, Patty, was the one who told me about this competition and then she talked a Maswik manager into joining with us. There's a kick-off meeting for everyone on May 29th @ 7pm.

Was rather strange how in the last week or so, I ate more desserts at work but the last time I stepped up on Brenda's scales, I actually lost a couple pounds which didn't make sense to me.

This competition is only for 12 weeks, and maybe by the end of that time I can fit back into a pair of pants that I had brought to the canyon with me from FL....cuz they don't fit at the moment.

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