Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is what I bought today
~course these prices are with the green bag discount.

1 bell pepper=.36
2 small roma tomatoes=.62
2 cans of tunafish=2.50
1 bottle of vitamin water=1.34
2 Larabars=3.22
1 Luna Bar=1.61
Strawberry yogurt=.62
Health Valley crackers=3.14
2 pizza flavored burritos=.88
italian dressing=2.06
1QT vanilla soy milk=2.51
diced up cantaloupe=3.59
salad tray=3.59
Tylenol PM=10.34

Geez, I can remember years ago buying 2 & sometimes 3 cans of tuna for $1.00. Guess those days are over.

I ended up going to the store twice today cuz I forgot stuff the first time. Luckily I remembered my green bag both times, cuz even though most of the store employees know I live & work in the park they still won't give you the discount without the green bag. I coulda gone to Flagstaff today with Brenda....but thats 1 & 1/2 hrs each way and I probably would ended up spending even more money then I wanted on stuff I didn't really need.

My roomie bought a frozen pizza a few nights ago, but didn't think to look at the directions on the box. It wasn't made to cook in a microwave. The directions said 16 minutes in oven, so she popped it into my microwave for 15 minutes. OMG! you could almost break a tooth trying to bite through the crust.

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