Sunday, May 18, 2008


The desert may be covered with clouds or snowflakes but in my world it's always a sunny day.

Actually in the first picture, taken July 2007, I am watching 7 condors flying around the canyon.

Cloudy days make the best pictures for a sunset, as the sun goes down it's light bounces off every cloud in so many amazing colors, I'm sure Crayola couldn't match it.

If anyone had mentioned Arizona/desert/or just the Southwest in general to me in the past, I would picture some dry,hot,brown, plant-less land that went on forever with nothing in it but rolling tumbleweeds...sorta like the old John Wayne movies that my parents used to watch.

Sure it gets hot during the daytime hours in the Summer but once the sun goes down it cools off very fast...I learned that you really do need coats & sweaters in the desert, which I didn't own the first time I moved to Arizona.

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