Friday, May 23, 2008

Damn, its cold

My computer says its 34 degrees outside....but at least yesterdays snow is gone again.

Whatever happened to "April showers, bring May flowers"? well whatever flowers had tried blooming before got all covered with our hailstorm yesterday. It might snow again later today and we should get rain & thunderstorms tonight.
Some of the Thai kids & Singapore kids were all excited yesterday when they realized it was snowing. 1 of our bussers wanted to take the snow home to her mother in Thailand.

Well I need to jump in the shower & get ready for another crazy day at work. We have so many kids at Yavapai now, that I only have a 6 hour shift today & I get the weekend off again. I like the extra time to do stuff around the park, but I won't be liking the next paycheck. Hopefully it warms up this weekend so I can do more hiking.


Nancy said...

April showers bring May flowers is back East. Here we have a micro climate all it's own.

Brenda said...

well sunni,
I think the April showers brings May flowers is an east coast thing... here there seems to be a different kind of weather, wait 10 mins the sun is shiniing, wait 20 mins & hail is falling from the sky! Mother Nature has it's own set of rules for the Canyon!