Thursday, May 22, 2008

I miss breakfast in FL

Today work was crazy (what else is new lately) but there were only 3 lineservers working and 2 of them were new kids from Singapore. While I was making all the toast for breakfast, I starting daydreaming about a little diner that I loved to go to in Tampa for breakfast. Now I hadn't thought about that place in months.
But I loved their huge veggie omelots, homefries with melted cheese, and if I wanted to stuff myself I would get something called "Blueberry cobbler crepe" or something like that. Since being at the canyon, I can't even remember the last time I had an omelot or anything like the yummy blueberry dessert that I had in FL. What I wouldn't give for 1 of their breakfasts today....or maybe its just the idea of getting to relax at breakfast time instead of running around Yavapai like a chicken with its head cut off that is so appealing.

Now pigs were never my thing, but the owner of the restaurant obviously loved them, as the diner was all decorated in whimsical pigs decor, which used to make me chuckle the first few times I went in.

Susan, if u ever read this~then you & Jaime should go try the place out....its right down the street from where I used to live. Here's their website

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Mom and Nana, I am both! said...

Oh Sunni day I used to eat at that place when I worked in Tampa, it was AWESOME another place i used to eat at was a place in Hyde Park called Zudars, they had AWESOME lunches...

Welcome to blogger I look forward to reading your stuff...

MISS YOU like crazy.