Wednesday, May 28, 2008

vacation time

Hurray! Michael gave me the time off that I asked for. I get 4 days off to go see 4 of my kids. I leave after work on June 2nd. (and I better not get stuck in another damn snowstorm & traffic jam). My youngest son will be 13 on June 3rd.

I haven't seen 3 of those kids for over 2 years..wonder if they will even recognize me. My second son that is stationed in South Korea is flying into Phoenix on the 1st and taking a bus up to Kingman, so if the younger ones don't recognize me, then he will have to tell them who I am. Actually I'm excited to be able to see them again, but also a little nervous.

I don't think Tai was to happy, that I will be out of the park for awhile but thats his problem not mine. I don't care if I have been with a guy for 5 days or 5 months or 5 kids will always come first before any guy. Yesterday was the day that Brenda & Susan had picked for "my wedding"...HaHaHa, well that didn't happen which is just fine with me. But was surprised that Brenda didn't say anything about it when she came into Yavapai for lunch.

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Nancy said...

As I recall they weren't specific on the year...have a good time visiting your children, and please no more snow storms or traffic jams. That last one was a b****