Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well I slept pretty good last night. Still have a cough & runny nose but not quite as bad so I went into work today. I had to catch the 5am bus. Glad I get an extra 1/2 hr at home before going in tomorrow.

Today we had 2 trains so the park is full of guests~and all are full of silly questions.
1 thing that will always amaze me is a guest that sees a stack of 12 ounce cups next
to a stack of 20 ounce cups and they still have to ask which cup is for a small drink...DUH!
Or why do guests go straight to the cashier and think they will pay for food before they even get a tray and pick up their food?????

Usually it takes me awhile to get used to new managers, but I can say I actually like working for all of my managers at the moment. Sometimes their individual quirks can crack me up. Today the morning managers were both in a goofy mood, which was quite funny to watch.
Adam~make sure front windows are clean & uniform straight
Amy~ leave the salt & pepper shakers to her (and Irene)
Paul/Riley~fix the chairs & check drink stations
Bob~the floor (and he wants it done while he's still young...LOL)
Barb~I haven't figured out the kitchen manager's pet peeve yet.

Today we also got the new Pinyon Press. There are 2 classes listed in it that I want to take later this month. Their was also a notice that an editor from "Arizona Highways" magazine would be here on the 19th for the evening program at the Shrine.

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