Sunday, April 11, 2010

profile pages

Don't you just hate signing up onto a new website and having to fill out the profile pages...I know I do sometimes...and I don't mean just the really dumb personal ad sites either, this also goes for any social networking site or any other of the billion sites online.

How much can you say about yourself over & over again after giving your age & location...or how much should you really share about yourself to the online world?
Well today I downloaded google chrome and also made a google profile, which asked the "usual" stuff about interests & about me stuff. Now I just need to figure those parts of google out.

If you're really bored then you could also do a google search for "Sunshine Conkey" and find me on quite a few different sites. Course some are a couple years old. But then again how many people actually use those old profiles to find a lost classmate or relative, or how would someone go about using some old profile page to hack into your computer.
This week I had a bunch of viruses on my laptop and could not even play solitaire or listen to itunes or watch a movie on widows media player because supposedly they were all invicted with some worm called "Lsas.Blaster.Keyloger"
(in fact I still have 300 errors on it now) but last tight was able to get rid of that worm and once again watch movies....tonight I'm watching Karate Kid.

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