Friday, April 2, 2010

April Showers

Well mother nature decided to play an April Fools joke on us all yesterday. It had gotten down to 17 degrees during the night and when I went outside to catch the bus for work, I noticed that a few cars in the parking lot had snow on them....the wind was freezing while waiting for the bus and the bus driver said it was about 25 degrees when he picked us up.

The night auditor says we might get snow again on Monday...which is just plain crazy, but we should be used to crazy weather here at the canyon.

Well last night the internet decided not to work in my room again, so unless I bring my laptop to the cafe I won't be on much for awhile. I have this weekend off so I might bring it with me when I go have breakfast before going to Brenda's tomorrow.

I'm typing this from Park Headquarters and time for me to head home and organize all my pictures. The ones on my laptop & the ones stuffed in boxes.

I hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful Easter weekend. Not sure yet if I will actually go take pics of the canyon kids during the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning.

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