Thursday, April 29, 2010


Nancy was waiting for the shuttle bus for her ride to Flagstaff on her way out of the park...After 2 years & 8 months here, Nancy is moving to Ohio. This was also Louis's last day of work here also. Louis is going to spend the Summer season working at Denali Park in Alaska.

The other day, Brenda made a comment that maybe Nancy had the right idea. See it seemed that Nancy's plan to leave the canyon was sudden...probably just cuz Brenda & I don't spend lots of time with her. But at first Nancy was going to wait until after Mother's Day to leave...obviously she changed her mind.
Guess there was no need to wait, once she made up her mind to go, besides the longer it takes to go...the more chance there is to change your mind.

Now Louis is going for a real adventure....a whole Summer in Alaska
Wow, I want to go to Alaska so much. But I couldn't go this year because I'm heading to NH for my son's graduation in June. If I had applied & gotten a job in Alaska this year then I would not be able to see him graduate.
But I will have no obligations after that for the next 4 years, so who knows maybe I will get up there next year. I have checked out quite a few different parks up there. I even found a website that hires for some least 1 airport in all 50 sates. In Alaska the job is in Anchorage.
so Alaska could become a year-round job too. Now I'm sure someone would remind me that Alaska is cold & to far away. Well it's snowing, rainy, hailing & its been cold and windy all day here too.

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