Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day~2010

The first "Earth Day" was 40 years ago. It's a day that everyone can celebrate no matter what country you live in and it doesn't matter what religion you believe in.

I want the "Green Up your Cleanup" book.

This is my manager,Adam. We were all sure that he would ace the trash game. Adam & his wife goes on litter patrol every Monday on their free time. They don't do it for extra pay, they don't do it for any special recognition. They do it because they believe in recycling and like to walk around a clean park. Usually a special "green team" will do litter pick-up on Earth Day but it was cancelled because of cold weather. I tried to get on the green team a couple years ago...but still have not been able to.

This was 1 display at the general store..the peach & mango flavor drinkbox was really good.
This is just a shot of the area I walked through to get to the park headquarters today. It was still snowing outside, which is why the Earth Day activities were moved inside.

I was totally surprised a few weeks ago when a co-worker told me that they didn't "believe" in Earth Day. Totally blew my can anyone live on planet Earth and not believe in what today is supposed to stand for?
His explanation~~~according to the bible, the planet is going to distore itself anyways, so why bother.
I was at a lose for words...but so glad that my kids grew up with different values about the earth, recycling & the whole environment in general.

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