Sunday, April 25, 2010

Never listen to your watch

I babysat 4 kids last night and the title I used was words from 1 of them.

The youngest boy (3 yrs old) started crying when he woke from a nap because he missed his daddy. The parents had said they would be back at 8pm, so I told the boy that he had another 45 minutes to wait. One of his older brothers calmly told me "Never listen to your watch".

In alot of ways it is terrific advice that more people need to live by. It would drive me crazy to always have a set time to do everything, but some people do live that way. There is always some unexpected event messing up a person's schedule....a boss, bad weather, a phone call, traffic jams, car that won't start, misplaced your keys/shoes, or family member getting sick.

But don't listen to your watch....just go with the flow & accept whatever life deals you. People who have lived here at the canyon for quite awhile say they like the slower pace of life here. The kids I babysat for last night have lived their whole lives here at the Grand Canyon...which is probably how the young kid figured out such smart advice.
Later today there is a going away party for Nancy. She has decided to leave the canyon and move to OHIO. Party will start before I leave work so I'll catch a cab to go straight from work.

and now I have to deal with getting ready for work again. I need to catch a bus in 25 minutes.

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