Sunday, March 28, 2010

cancelled hike

I was supposed to hike down to Indian Gardens yesterday, camp-out and then hike back up to the rim today. But just my luck I woke up with a headache , stuffy nose, and the feeling that a bowling ball would fall out of my head when I either coughed or bent over. So I didn't go.

Instead I went to Fry's in Flagstaff with a friend. Got a few pics of snow on the mountain but haven't downloaded them yet. Started today still feeling achy, so stayed home enjoying the strawberries I bought on sale yesterday...already finished the tiny container of blackberries last night.
It's a nice sunny day out, but I'm inside drinking Tazo Tea. Lemongrass & Spearmint flavor, even just the smell of it can make you feel a teeny bit better even when you feel like you need a head transplant.

I got a magazine yesterday "Natural Solutions" and am now looking up a bunch of stuff online that is mentioned in the magazine. The magazine also has a website (like everything else in the world)

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