Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stress & Time Management

I went to a 3-hour "stress & time management class" this morning. The instructor was fun and class had some good points. Liked the idea of breaking the day up into a 24-hr pie...but after leaving and walking home, I got to thinking that I still need extra help in certain areas that probably could of taken an extra hour.

Then when I got home again, there was a notice on all the doors telling us that tomorrow the building is getting sprayed. WOW! 1 day notice to move everything out from under the beds and around corners. Guess I will be staying up ALL night when I get home from work to make sure I'm ready for them in the morning.

Then when I got to work...I mentioned to a few people that today was all overtime for me. Well guess again.!! The managers messed up on my 2 week vacation time. I have 2 weeks (10 paid days) vacation every year.
But like for this week...the schedule that's posted up on the wall at work has me on vacation for 4 days & working 2 days===which would mean paid for 6 days, which would mean overtime. The week my vacation started, the schedule that was posted at work also had me scheduled for overtime. I'm sure my managers higher-up boss would have complained about me getting overtime and seeing as my managers don't like getting in trouble by their bosses, they had to fix their mistake somehow...so I have to pay for their mistake.

So anyways, all total I will only be getting paid for 7 days of my vacation instead of 10. I have to miss out on 24 hours of vacation pay just because managers don't know how to make schedules. Now my paycheck is already getting garnished by the state of NH, so my paycheck is always low to begin with, so I was counting on ALL my vacation time.

It would seem that because I get sent home often in the winter months anyways, (including days before my vacation time started) that ALL my vacation time should be allowed. I would even except the missing 24 hours of vacation pay without adding in any overtime.
A friend says they can't take vacation time/pay away...but 1 of the cooks here said that they did it to him a couple years ago. The cook works in this same cafeteria.

~EDIT~managers might not like getting in trouble with their boss, but I just emailed a copy of the above blog to headquarters in Colorado.

So much for stress management class...today turned into a stressful day.

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