Sunday, March 14, 2010

WatchTower Tour

Had Friday off, so I decided to "play" tourist and go on a tour. Actually I go on some tour at this time every year. I have been here at Grand Canyon for 3 yrs now and went on my first tour before I even had orientation for the job.

This year, I went on the WatchTower Tour and Joe was our driver. First time I have gone on 1 of his tours. This was the first WatchTower Tour that I've gone on that did not stop at Lipan Point.

Think this was at Yaki Point

Joe told us quite a bit about about the spanish people that came exploring this area but I would have needed a tape recorder to remember it all.
One of these days I'll buy a history book.

a view near the watch tower

The watch tower still under re-construction.

If u look to the right of the watch tower...this is your view

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