Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sun-Shiny Day

Breakfast was sorta slow today, which was ok cuz I was the only busser today. Dale came in right before lunchtime, and gave me 5 paperback books & 2 jigsaw puzzles.

But at noon, OMG, we got real busy. After lunch started it got busy and stayed busy for the last couple hours I worked.
We had a big group of school kids come in from Tuscon. At least these kids were all well-mannered.

It's about 3pm, and business has quite again (sorta). Today is Frank's first day at Yavapai. He just got back to the canyon yesterday. I met up with him yesterday when I was on my way to e-cafe.

I signed up for the Watch Tower Tour for tomorrow morning. Usually I go on the Hermit's Rest Sunrise Tour sometime during this week (gone 07,08,09) So this year I wanted something different. So yes tomorrow night, I will have pictures.

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