Monday, March 1, 2010

March came in like a lamb

It's a really great day so far. Even though I didn't get much sleep last night, I woke up still excited about my plans for my June trip I made yesterday (now trying to arrange time to see 2 of my brothers while I'm back East also)...and it's a nice sunny day outside, which is good cuz I'm ready for Spring.
Course as the old saying goes. "If March comes in like a lamb, then it will go out like a lion".

Today is the start of the new "Guide paper" on the shuttle buses but seeing as I didn't ride a bus today I haven't seen the new schedule for any new ranger programs. Also means that some of the seasonal drivers should all be back in the park now.
~EDIT~I want to attend the new/full moon walks later this spring and the wildlife show on May1st.
My schedule is finally posted for Yavapai. I start on Saturday at 1pm. Sheri will be a busser for morning shift....oh boy, I can hear her whine already.

Today's special at Maswik is Nachos Supreme; which looks pretty good. Well I think there's 5 line servers scheduled to close the front line tonight...but wonder how busy we will be. Right at this moment the dining room seems busier then it has been when I stop in here lately.

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