Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back at Maswik

Well seems like internet didn't want to connect in my room again, so I walked down to Maswik Cafe again today. And probably just my luck the internet will work again in the room when I get home. The wireless service is sooo finicky in my building that it gets real annoying.

As usual business looks pretty slow. The special today is beef tips over mashed potato...not for me. Cashier cracked up when she saw that I was buying 3 brownies though.

I work tomorrow & Tuesday (2-close) then get Wednesday off. So I should get 4 days with vacation pay and then 2 work days for this week, which should mean that I will have overtime...but thats if I actually get my vacation pay. I will be really surprised if its on my next paycheck. I never got the vacation pay in December.

The schedule for Yavapai is partly posted up. They have the schedule for the cooks & dishwashers but not for anyone out front. So I will have to wait & see where I will be working.
Found out yesterday, that the bartender~Amy got the manager position at Yavapai. I've seen her for a short time after she got moved to Maswik Pizza Pub but don't usually spend lots of time chatting with her.

While I was at Maswik today~I finally bought my plane tickets to go back East in June. I get to Boston on June 2nd, and then take the bus up to NH on June 3rd...plenty of time to make sure I get to Kevin's graduation on the 5th. Then I will fly back to Phoenix on the 8th.

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