Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lazy weekend

Yes your calender says that today is Tuesday but its my weekend as I had yesterday & today off and then I also have this coming Friday-Sunday off. Hooray the wifi just started working in my room again today (but still messes up alot)...was also able to check my direct deposit and I got about $150.
Strangest thing, Wal-mart in NH (where Forrest works) sent me his insurance cards. Got them in the mail today. He wasn't to thrilled when I emailed him to tell him. I guess now AZ is garnishing his checks. Boy government & state welfare people are all nuts.

Now I should find the darn paperwork that I need to bring into HR. I know I still have it because I brought it into work this week and one of the managers made a copy of it (which they were not to thrilled with) 1 of the managers asked me if I had thought of being a hostess, as they thought that job would be better for me. hmmmm?
Now seeing as I didn't get my 2-week vacation pay in December (no idea why) I have decided to try again for another 2-week vacation starting Feb.18th...hopefully I get paid for this one.

Now I started cleaning out boxes in my room. Giving away magazines to my neighbors. Also passed out some tomatoes to a few. Gave most of my yarn to Dale. She made me a new purple hat.
Somehow I still have to much crap in my room-and what am I doing now? wasting time on the internet.

Its snowy & cold today~I sure hope the snow is all gone by March 27th as that's the day I go hiking again and camp-out at Indian Gardens. If the ground is still covered in snow, I might just skip that trip. I decided to go then for the day I get to have my birthday holiday off (ok so I would be a week and a half late)
Actually the trails have been icy lately so mules are not taking people down to Phantom Ranch for a few days. We are having a $25 special for mule rides to the Abyss until the Feb. 28th. Haven't decided yet if I want to go on that ride.

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