Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well the little Hopi lady that cleans my building is celebrating her 89th birthday today. HR had a pizza party for her at noon today. Genevieve said when she was born on the rez that some nurse would visit the rez once a month or so and fill out whatever birth certificates that were needed whenever she got there and just put the date on for the day she filled out the paperwork. So we don't really know when Genevieve's was really born.

Genevieve has worked here at the Grand Canyon longer then I have been alive. I think she is going on her 50 year anniversary here. As far as I know she has had the same job for the whole 50 years. I can't think of anyone else that I have ever met anywhere in the world who can say that they have had the same job for that long.

Trying to imagine myself working at here that I would have to imagine myself staying in 1 spot for 50 years. Sometimes it seems possible and other times it seems like a crazy impossible idea. Well even if I stayed here 50 years, I have already changed jobs a few times.

Well my son Kevin should be home tomorrow. He must be busy sight-seeing around GA cuz he still is not online. Seeing as Kevin was born on my birthday, he tells people that he is my best birthday present.

We had our annoying fire drill today. Didn't last very long. Andrea got woke up and just as she came outside we were told that it was over. Rachel came out of the shower after the "Fire & Security" left.
Well for some darn reason the wireless internet wouldn't work in my room today, so I finally came down to Maswik Cafe to type this. It's after 4pm and not many people in here at all. From my seat I only count 15 people sitting at tables and most of us are employees that I recognize.

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