Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time Off

ok, I'm sorta on vacation until after the beginning of March. I get 2 weeks vacation every year. I had a vacation in December but never got the vacation pay, so instead of debating it over with the general office I just got another vacation. Only this time my heartburn & hacking cough are driving me nuts. But hopefully this time I get the vacation pay otherwise I will have to go whine for it; seeing as I need to get the vacation pay by my anniversary date which is March 13th.

I've been sleeping more during my time off and watching the snow through my window. Yup we got more snow this week. Luckily today was a nice sunny day and when I took the shuttle up to the post office, I was surprised at how crowded the bus was. I didn't recognize the first driver and will assume he was new...especially when he told guests at the shrine that no more people could fit and there was a big open space up front of the bus. If this driver don't know how to pack sardines then he won't last through the Summer.

I cooked more brown rice in my rice cooker today (third day this week)...boy wouldn't my grandmother have loved to have one of those in her time. Its a small rice cooker and sits right next to my laptop...yeah, food & laptop all within reach.

I really need to set myself a schedule of some sort to get stuff done that I wanted when I planned on this sorta vacation. Yeah I can imagine my daughter laughing at that. Sure just make another list of what I want to do. A list/ time schedule or whatever you want to call it doesn't do any good if I keep losing the list. Didn't see my son, Kevin, on facebook today. Maybe he's on his way back home. Kevin spent his school vacation in GA visiting Adam.

Well someone else here at the canyon (Rebecca) has also started a blogger site and she wants to try to write everyday...hmmm, wonder if I could think of anything to write about every single day. Geez, I'm not usually to good about keeping up with doing something every single day. Guess I could at least try it until it's time for my camping trip.

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