Friday, February 5, 2010

offline for a bit

seems the network I always connected to at home has disappeared, then my computer screen shifted so that instead of being in the normal (horizontal) position everything is now coming up flipped around (vertically...if that makes sense)

So today I'm sitting at park headquarters to check email and do a quick search on AZ unemployment stuff and also stuff about a CT scan. Seems the clinic here wants me to get a CT scan done to get a better idea on what all my headaches are about. I also have to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor down in Flagstaff.
I told the doc here to wait until I can rob a bank first...actually I have Tuesday off, so hopefully I can get all my paperwork together again and apply for state medical assistance and hopefully they will pay for it all.

Geez if I can get on AHCCCS then they will also provide transportation down to all the DR appts too, so I don't have to worry about that. Otherwise it would be easier to just move to a Flagstaff shelter.

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