Friday, February 26, 2010

"Hair Month"

Wow, the super-bright lights sure does make the new red hair-color stand out.

slightly more normal lighting when I stand in my room. But I can still tell I colored my hair....wonder why nobody at Maswik seemed to notice yesterday.
Or the fact that I trimmed it a few days ago too..
Well it seems for the last few yrs that Feb. has turned into "hair month" Whether it's just getting tired & bored of a long winter...but by February I am ready for a change. So I end up changing my hair. This year I didn't go into Flagstaff or anywhere else to have it done. I cut it myself...which some people might think is crazy but many, many years ago I always cut my own hair as I thought it was a crazy waste of money to have other people do it. All I really tried to do was trim/ even out the bottom of last years haircut. Course I probably messed up the back of it but nobody has said anything about it yet so it can't be to bad.
Course I'm sure I'll notice the white hair again within a week. My hair never keeps the color very long and I read or saw somewhere years ago that RED hair-dye doesn't last as long as other colors, but I like reddish colored hair. Actually this time I used "Nice 'n Easy~Natural Reddish Blonde"
Years ago after coloring my hair a light teabag (or whatever the name of the red color was) I was in a check-out line of a store and a total stranger was behind me stroking my hair as if it would bring him luck...LOL He finally asked if I was Irish (which yes, part of my dad's family is) but had to disappoint him and tell him that my color came from a box. Even though I do remember a couple school pictures (long before I ever dyed my hair) where the lighting made my hair look slightly red-tinted (but I also wore red shirts for those pics)....think it was about 5th-7th grade.
Well I'm going to go visit Brenda for awhile (she's going home early from work cuz she has been sick this last week) wonder if she will notice a difference in my hair?
Kevin made it back home to NH, today and they are also expecting snow this weekend just like I am.

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