Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowing Again

Started out the day by getting out of bed late. Feet have been dry lately so today I got out the "Working Hands" Ointment that I bought from a lady down in Valle last year. With just olive oil, bees wax, lavender, calendula & comfry on the ingredients list how can you go wrong? So I greased up both feet with it and then put on the warm fuzzy socks and my feet haven't itched or bugged me all day since then.

Instead of making coffee, I had a protein smoothie (soymilk, banana, chocolate whey protein powder) But around 1-2pm, I was tired and about ready to go back to bed. Geez, I also said that I drink coffee for the taste not to help stay awake. So why am I so tired today when I didn't have any? But instead of going back to sleep, 1 of the guys from downstairs insisted that I go to the store with him.

Snowing out again today but at least the wind wasn't blowing. The shuttle buses were practically empty...on the trip to store & back home.

Later I watched the movie "Liar,Liar" downstairs with Dan. He was cooking some beef stew type of meal in a slow cooker which made the room smell good everytime he lifted the lid to stir it.
Dan also got the 2nd bed out of his room, which made it look lots better...almost got me in the mood to re-arrange my room.

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