Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mother Nature is calling

For New England~The highest wind reported was 91 mph off the coast of Portsmouth, N.H. — well above hurricane force of 74 mph. Portsmouth is a few hours East/Southeast of where most of my kids live.
Up in Littleton,NH where my baby brother & his wife live, my sister-in-law, messeged me saying that it was flurring out but they had very little snow on the ground.
My kids in Campton/Plymouth area are expecting snow everyday until Thursday. Lots of areas in New England are losing electricity/power. Internet forecast for their area has gone up to 33 degrees just since I started typing this. Supposedly it's 43 degrees here at the canyon right now. ~EDIT~ It started hailing outside just before I walked down to Maswik Cafe before 3pm.

Now in Hinesville,GA where Adam is stationed right now...the weather is still in the mid 50's-low 60's. I bet Kevin wishes that he was still there on vacation.
Philip is still at FT.HOOD and they should be getting a bit of rain on Sunday & Monday. I still follow FT.HOOD on twitter & facebook, but haven't really read their updates much lately.

~Relief~couple of my kids and my grand-daughter have been online today so I know that at least they have power.

I was busy reading up on the news of the earthquake that hit CHILI early this morning. Tsunamis are a unforunate norm after earthquakes and places as far as Japan & Hawaii are on alert. Robert Falvey (from high school) has been living in Hawaii with his wife for years now. He already made flight plans to fly over to Savannah,GA for tonight. I just checked on facebook and he wasn't online right hopefully he is already flying out of Hawaii.

I was so busy catching up on news today that I realized I hadn't eaten before noon today, so I got the rice cooker going. I decided to try out some new mexican seasoning that I had bought from the general store weeks ago. I ain't into real spicy food so I wasn't sure if I would like it...but turns out I couldn't put more in.

~The latest Yahoo news~
HILO, Hawaii (AP) — Waters have begun receding off the shores of Hawaii in what appears to be the first sign of a tsunami.
The tsunami began affecting Hilo Bay on the Big Island just before noon local time. Water began pulling away from shore, exposing reefs and sending dark streaks of muddy, sandy water offshore. That is usually an indication of the wave building strength before coming ashore.
The tsunami raced across the Pacific Ocean in terrifying force after the magnitude-8.8 quake hit Chile. Officials in Hawaii had ample time to get people out of the potential disaster area, and thousands were evacuated.

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