Saturday, February 13, 2010

My day in Flagstaff

Actually this picture was taken last year at a little diner/cafe in the old part of town. Brenda & I like stopping in there to eat...but at the moment I can't even think of the name of the place. I just liked looking at all the different license plates they had on display.
Today we found a new place to eat called "Brandy's Kitchen". Luckily they serve breakfast later on weekends, and it was yummy.
Next to Brandy's Kitchen was a scrapbooking store. Brenda went in to find stuff for a wedding gift for a co-worker who is getting married later this month. They had lots of stuff for valentines, Easter, graduation and even halloween.
Then we went to see if Michael's craft store had a scrapbooking book. Brenda found a nice book there and even though I had not planned on buying anything in Michael's, I got about $40 worth of Jewelry-making stuff.
I finally got to see what all the fuss was about at JoAnn's too....1 of our snowstorms that we had this year, totalled the roof in. That store was all roped off with warnings signs up telling people not to go near it.
Then we went to Target & Fry's. All the stores we went to were busy with long lines but their lines were not as looooong as the line of traffic we saw as we were heading home....about 7 miles of traffic trying to get into Flagstaff. Glad I wasn't in that line.

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