Thursday, February 18, 2010

Single~NOT looking

Once again some guy joins myspace and will send me a messege telling me that I look interesting & beautiful, which tells me he is bored & blind.

My relationship says "single" not "desperately looking". I'm single cuz I wanna be single. Now don't get me wrong...a "committed" relationship can be nice. Not everyone can be like my manager and brag on how they married their best friend....relationships require to much work and a whole lot of compromising, a whole lot more then I want to deal with anymore.

As an example:
If 1 person likes things hot (as in the temp of a room or the temp of the water in a shower) in order to compromise, both people would have to give and take and you would run the water warm. Well then you get 2 people complaining cuz whoever likes very hot showers will think the water is to cold and whoever wants a cold shower will say the warm water is to hot. My solution~get the hell outta my shower.
And the same person who likes cold showers also wants to sleep with all the windows open all night, all year long; while other person is freezing to death. My solution~sleep in seperate rooms.
Course if I sleep in a seperate room, then nobody can complain about my snoring, the fact I'm a blanket hog or bed-hog, or whine if I fall asleep reading a book with the lights on or whine if I decide not to go to sleep at all.

I have a tendency now to get really selfish about wanting to do my own thing and on my own time schedule. As a single person I can go visit friends whenever I want without some "significant other" whining that its taking time away from them, I can spend my measly paycheck anyway I want without someone telling me what I should or shouldn't buy.

I feel sorry for people who are actually like Julia Robert's character in Runaway the fact that she had no idea how she liked her eggs. Sure she knew how every potential husband liked their eggs because she would just copy them and eat whatever they ate. She had no mind of her own and had no idea what she liked (until the end of the movie).

Just thought of a situation, when I was staying with a friend in TN, and we went shopping together. I got out of his truck to walk into the store while he was still fiddling with stuff in the truck...for some reason he got irratated and called out to me and at the moment I forget the exact comments he said. But I couldn't figure out what his problem was...sure I was crashing out on his sofa for a month and we did ride down to the store together, but I was still a big girl, enough to walk into a store all by myself. Seeing as we had been writing for a few years before then, I assumed he already knew I was sorta used to coming & going as I please.

Now alot of people will tell me that I'll regret being single when I'm older and will want someone around then. Well I live at the Grand Canyon now and I have people "around" everywhere. I have felt alone/lonely more times when I had a "significant other" sitting across from me at the kitchen table then I do now when I get the table all to myself.
I also have more male friends here then I have ever had in my entire life. Friends who will gladly give you a hug everytime they see you, or unexpectedly sit down with me for breakfast while I was typing this up today, or wonder where the hell I've been if they ain't seen me for awhile, or go out for coffee & ice cream (without calling it a date even if they pay for the coffee & ice cream).

Society makes such a big deal out of everyone needing a "significant other" that even if total strangers meet up with toddlers will automatically call the toddlers "boyfriend/girlfriend" if the toddlers are acting nice toward each other. Geez the kids aren't even out of diapers yet and parents want to image them paired up with someone. Sorry but thats DUMB to me.

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