Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yavapai Cafeteria has re-opened

Yavapai Cafe re-opened yesterday at 3pm. I went in only to say hello to everyone and to get a salad from the salad bar...boy did I ever miss that salad bar during the Winter when Yavapai was closed.

The picture is the "specials board" and they forgot to add on the pot roast dinner.

We no longer have chicken parmesan or the creamed spinach. I didn't eat either of those, so its fine with me that they are gone.

We did get some new drinks juice "Naked Brand". Today I tried the flavor "Orange Mango Motion". It's pretty good but at $4 a bottle it's sorta expensive...glad I get a employee discount.
Our new Luzianne iced teas look pretty good too...4 different flavors. We also got a new brand of yogurt (stoneyfield Farm Organic Yogurt).
Today we had beef stew & homemade cornbread for a lunch special...I just wanted the cornbread. YUMMY!

When I went in yesterday, Adam showed me the revised schedule. So I am working morning shift now and Sheri will be on nights. Wonder what they woulda done if I had not walked in on a day-off and seen the new schedule? After Brenda got out of work yesterday, we picked up Jack and went down to "WE COOK PIZZA" in Tusayan. Brenda was craving fried zucchini and Jack has been missing their fried ravioli.

This morning I got to the bus stop at 4:45am and the bus got there at ears were freezing by then.
Yavapai has the wireless internet turned back on, so I'll bring laptop in with me tomorrow.

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