Sunday, March 7, 2010

deer & elk are back

this elk was taking a stroll near my neighbor's window today.

I found this deer after I got home today. It was just getting ready to cross the road to meet up with the other deer.
Think there was 5 other deer across the road in the neighbors yard.

Deer just had it's snack...was chewing on the tree branches.

I was riding the shuttle bus on Thursday and got a quick shot of an elk from the bus window. First elk I have seen in quite awhile.
You would swear I was a tourist, the way I take pics of all the animals...
As I was riding the bus home today, there were quite a few deer out around the train tracks...but just my luck I didn't have the camera with me (yes a rare day) but grabbed the camera when I got home to get about 20 pictures around my neighborhood.

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