Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

Brenda went to clinic this morning and then got the rest of the day off work. I went to HR to talk to the benefits person about the mess-up on my vacation time pay....benefits and the assistant F&B director reassured me that I can get a temp extention to turn in a corrected vacation form. I'm guessing that my manager won't be to happy that I went over his head; but that's his problem not mine.

So seeing as Brenda was home I went to visit her and we watched the movie "Conspiracy Theory". It's an old movie but it's the first time I ever saw it. I liked it.

In the morning, I plan on taking the bus down Hermit's Rest road....I need to get unstressed and I'm guessing that will be relaxing. The road has just been reopened this week. Hopefully the weather is nice enough to get some pictures. I haven't seen any elk for awhile lately...I guess they have gone on vacation somewhere.

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